Our Visionary

Mr. R. S. Modi - A Profile

Ramavatar Modi has been Chairman and Managing Partner of Raina Engineers, the promoter of the company since 1995. He is also Chairman of various group companies. Duringhis tenure, the group has grown 28 folds.
Mr. Modi received the Government of India's rest National Award for 'THE BEST SSI INDUSTRY' in the year 1985, chosen from 1.5 million insturies. He has also won the State Government of Maharashtra's 'GAURAV CHIN' award. Mr. Modi is actively involved with an organization working for uplifting activities for tribals in backward areas of the state.
Mr. Modi is double graduate and received his engineering degree in Mechanical and later in Electrical in the year 1964. He completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management in the year 1967. He worked briey with an organization before joining the group in 1970.

Management Structure

Raina Engineer’s management structure is designed to bring the skills and experience of our executives to bear in the most efcient way possible, facilitating decision-making across all the level in organization.

Worldwide Acceptance

We are pleased to state that we have successfully executed projects in different parts of the world including Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

Financial Soundness

Raina has successfully implemented multi-million dollar project in the past. Raina has been a Zero Debt prot making company since inception. All group companies are prot making and have helped to create sound reserve to undertake large projects.

    Featured Projects

  • Supplied to ONGC more than 150 Offshore Pedestal Mounted Crane (Deck Crane) of capacities varying from 5MT to 30 MT
  • Supplied 25 Railway Wagon mounted Cranes with telescopic boom for railway Electrification project of Indian Railways.
  • Supplied deck cranes for multi purpose support vessels, naval vessels, coast guard vessels, diving support vessels, cargo vessels etc.