We are specialised in designing and manufacturing of many Hi-tech, complex and sophisticated equipment including special industrial cranes, material handling cranes and material lifting cranes like deck cranes for offshore oil platforms, wagon mounted cranes for railways with telescopic boom, deck cranes for sea going vessels etc.

Stringent Quality Standards

All products manufactured by us, meets the requirements of standards namely API 2C, NEMA, OHSAS, AGMA, EEMUA, ISO 3046, APIRP2D, BS 5514, API Q1, ISO 9001, AWS D1.1, EN 1834.1 as applicable. Each product strictly undergoes all the stringent quality checks before being delivered to our customer. Our products have been certied by many reputed international agencies including LRS, BV, ABS, DNV, EIL, John Brown.

API -2C Certification

Raina is an API 2C monogram licensee. We perform regular audits to ensure that our system meets the standards and explore areas for improvement in our systems.

ISO Certification

Raina has got its system certied in the year 1997. eau Veritas has certied our system in line with latest requirements of IS0 9001:2015

Towards TQM

Our Management focus is TQM. We believes in setting a system for each and every department and action, those also which are not covered by the ISO 9001 requirements. A total quality management system will help us built better customer relationship and improve condence of our employees.

Quality Management System

RAINA ENGINEERS has established the Quality Management System which fulfils the requirements of API Spec Q1 9th edition, June 2013 “Specification for Quality Management System Requirement for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry” & ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management systems -Requirements” Our facility is the First in India to have API 2C Monogram facility. API Monogram License No.: 2C-059

Quality Policy

We at RAINA Engineers are committed to design, development, Manufacturing and servicing of offshore pedestal mounted cranes, jib cranes and davits meeting National and International standards and Customer requirements. We strive to achieve the best quality of our products and maximum customer satisfaction by;
• Accomplishing quality objectives by implementing the quality Management system effectively as per API Q1 9th edition and ISO 9001:2015
• Adopting the best manufacturing practices available globally.
• Training our employees to attain the competency required to meet product requirements
• Ensuring safety for our product and personnel
• Taking care of Nature, Environment and Social responsibility
• Complying with statutory and regulatory requirements
To continually improve effectiveness of quality management system.

DATE: 18-12-2017

Featured Projects

  • Supplied to ONGC more than 150 Offshore Pedestal Mounted Crane (Deck Crane) of capacities varying from 5MT to 30 MT
  • Supplied 25 Railway Wagon mounted Cranes with telescopic boom for railway Electrification project of Indian Railways.
  • Supplied deck cranes for multi purpose support vessels, naval vessels, coast guard vessels, diving support vessels, cargo vessels etc.